Philips PureRadiance

Philips Introduces PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System

With more women seeking advanced technology in their skin care regimen, Philips, a global beauty brand, is bringing its proven technology to the United States for the first time with the Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System. From the manufacturers of Philips Sonicare, Philips PureRadiance uses unique Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion to provide a cleanse as gentle as hand cleansing yet 10X more effective at removing makeup, dirt and residue, helping women to reveal their naturally radiant skin. In fact, a recent Philips study1 showed that 87 percent of women saw more radiant skin when compared to their regular cleansing regimen after just two weeks of use.

Philips PureRadiance
Philips PureRadiance

While women are focusing more on skincare, recent data2 shows that makeup sales are also on the rise, with purchases jumping eight percent in just one year. With Philips PureRadiance, women can continue to experiment with their favorite makeup products and beauty trends without having to compromise the healthy look of their skin. The device thoroughly removes pore-clogging residue and also improves absorption of other skincare products. Philips PureRadiance can be used with any cleanser making it the perfect complement to women’s ever changing beauty routines.

To launch the facial cleansing system, Philips PureRadiance partnered with celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas, who understands what it takes to achieve and maintain healthy looking, radiant skin.

“I’ve been in business for nearly eight years and everyone always asks me the same question – what’s the secret to achieving healthy looking skin? Whether treating actors, models or my everyday clients, I give them the same answer – you must start with clean skin. Wash your face morning and night, and make sure to remove all of your makeup before bed. The skin repairs itself at night, so this step is extremely important,” said Joanna Vargas talking with TsgTechsupport, who performs facials in New York City at the Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary. “Philips PureRadiance can be used on many skin types and conditions and is extremely gentle on the skin, which I love. It feels like a mini-facial and it removes makeup so much more effectively than washing by hand.”

Philips PureRadiance is the only cleansing system in the world that offers unique Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion. The Sonic pulses and gentle rotations provide a shaking movement that breaks up dirt, dead skin cells and makeup and provides a sweeping movement that dislodges and moves them away from the skin.  Not only does Philips PureRadiance remove these impurities, it also stimulates blood flow for improved micro-circulation resulting in naturally radiant skin, and is approved for use twice a day.

“While we know that women are dedicated to finding the right product for their skin, we also know that for many, this regimen is often changing,” said Annette Domnik, Senior Marketing Director, Philips Consumer Lifestyle.  “Philips PureRadiance works hand-in-hand with all types of cleansers and the technology can help provide better absorption of moisturizers and creams. With two speed settings and a wide range of interchangeable brush heads including sensitive and exfoliation, women can create their own personalized highly effective skincare experience.”

Philips PureRadiance is available in select Bed Bath and Beyond retail locations and on for $149.99. Each model comes with a Normal and an Exfoliation brush head. A Sensitive brush head may be purchased separately (Normal: $17.99, Exfoliation: $19.99, Sensitive: $17.99).

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