benefits in drinking tea

The tree is same but the product and the benefit is different!

The tea is just same but is has a lot of different products like the normal tea, green tea, organic tea and much more. The process of making the tea speaks the difference! The normal tea goes through the oxidation process where it loses the color of the leave and turns black. Whereas the green tea does not go through oxidation retains the colour of the leaves.

benefits in drinking tea

There is a huge demand for both the type of teas and recently green is becoming famous but the black one does not lose it fame at all. The aroma from the black is not same as that of the green and so people who prefer a tea with stronger aroma and taste prefer loose leaf tea over the green tea. The black one has a more caffeine content so it the shelf life is longer than the green tea. The black one is famous tea that is used by people in different region and it serves as the main menu on every England citizen’s breakfast. When you compare the taste of the green tea with the black, you will arrive at a conclusion that the black one has the best feature that has a good colour, aroma and taste.

The tea leaves have to go through the following process so that we can have a tasty cup of tea at our home. Withering of leaves is the first process later they are rolled over that releases the polyphones present in the leaves. Later the leaves are sun dried so that they get maximum exposure to heat and humidity. Later the oxidation process takes place where it gets the black colour and finally they are dried and packed.

There are lot of benefits in drinking tea

  • When you take five cups of tea every day, it reduces cerebrovascular disease.
  • It protects stomach related diseases. If you are using tea cleanse detox then it has so many benefits to your health.
  • You can consume tea regularly to protect gastric mucosa
  • It also works well as a treatment for ulcer and cleanse detox
  • Drink more tea, if you want to prevent heart disease
  • Improves the patients’ health with coronary artery disease
  • Improves the cardiac blood circulation
  • Lowers the risk of heart related issues
  • It is a best known treatment for influenza
  • Drink tea for a good skin health
  • It also cures stroke
  • Tea helps you to build stronger bone

There are many benefits of having a tea and it is consumed widely in many parts of the world. Do not avoid tea as it has a lot of beneficial effects that can help you with betterment. You can buy tea from online websites that make it convenient for you to buy products from home. Look for an authentic website that sells good tea! To buy a good quality tea, you can carefully check online.