VLPHR Smart Card

ICUcare Launches Electronic Personal Health Records Access System

ICUcare, LLC has developed what some are saying is the “holy-grail” solution to the problem regarding access and availability of medical records data for use by care providers in providing medical services to patients anywhere, anytime and under any circumstance.

VLPHR Smart Card
VLPHR Smart Card

The system provides multiple solutions for an age-old problem associated with universal and immediate access of a user’s longitudinal medical history. The point of care can be defined as
the place where a patient and care provider(s) are located for the purpose of receiving/providing medical services. Specifically, the system provides a comprehensive solution for using a Smart Card, also called a CAC Card or Common Access Card, as is used by the United States Military and other Federal Agencies in providing authentication to transport a user’s longitudinal medical history between two different medical facilities and/or locations supported by either a common or disparate Electronic Records‐Based System.

This new system provides the functionality to generate, capture and transmit a comprehensive set of medical information in compliance with CCD/CDA/C‐CDA interoperability standards from a cloud-based host Electronic Personal Health Records system to a Smart Card (CAC or other). This data can then be carried by the user to a distant care provider who would have the ability to open, view and download the data including imaging in a manner that allowed data to be uploaded into a disparate system and used by the medical care provider. Additionally, the solution provides for the ability to upload data associated with any/all medical services, to include labs and radiology, provided by distant physician for return to the host system whereby the data is parsed into the users medical records based system as structured data.

According to Mr. Robert Higgs, CEO of ICUcare LLC told DroxTech, this new development has the potential to be a game-changer in the healthcare industry. It can be used as a State Health Information Exchange to provide solutions to many issues impacting the healthcare industry. From a “payer’s” stand-point, be that of an Insurance Company or the States Medicaid Agency, what would the value be in eliminating Healthcare Fraud associated with multiple parties using the same insurance card, or eliminating the cost associated with redundant or duplicative test being performed in association with providing medical services to a patient due to the unavailability of test result data?

Mr. Higgs states, “This development would not have been possible without the prior development of the company’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) Class Longitudinal Medical Records Based System. Solving the interoperability issue was really the key to the later development of the Universal Access Smart Card VLPHR System.” According to some federal agencies, the DOD has been trying to use an existing CAC System in connection with our nation’s armed forces medical records for decades.

“The Congressional Budget Office, estimates that 5 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product-—$700 billion per year –goes to tests and procedures that do not actually improve health outcomes…The unreasonably high cost of health care in the United States is a deeply entrenched problem that must be attacked at its root.” – Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) report.

The central benefit from ICUcare’s perspective is the physician having immediate access to the patients’ medical records (data) at the point of care; anytime, anywhere. The result, “In some situations – life altering!” (As quoted by COL Glen Feather, MD)

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