This Is How Much You Need To Exercise To Eat Your Favorite Foods

Ever wondered how many hours of cardio you’d need to do to burn off a night of pizza and beer? Yeah, me either … (it’s better not to know. Really). But thanks to this new activity chart that tells you exactly how much you need to exercise to eat your favorite foods, it might just be time to start thinking about it.


It’s no secret that snacks pack major binge-potential, but the UK might finally have found the antidote. The chart is part of an effort to introduce ‘activity equivalent’ calorie labeling into food packaging, an idea designed to help consumers better understand the weight (literally) of their food choices. According to the Royal Society of Public Health (the brilliant minds behind the chart), over two-thirds of UK adults are overweight or obese. But RSPH thinks activity equivalent calorie labeling can help curb the trend.

Similar to the push for more accurate portion and daily suggested calorie representation on labels, and the growing effort to make required GMO labeling a thing in recent years, RSPH wants consumers to fully understand how things like fat and calories in popular foods affects their body weight and activity level. It’s a result of a common trend for consumers to underestimate the number of calories in a given food, and overestimate the amount of calories they burn in a work out. Coupled together, this can be a dangerous combination for individuals with high blood pressure, folks on diets, and people aiming for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, in general.

The chart does offer some nice perspective though, and for those of us looking to make better choices more consistently, activity equivalent’ calorie labeling on processed foods might be just the jump-start we need. No word on whether or not the US is interested in the idea, but if recent trends are any indication, we may want to give it some thought. Until then, enjoy your pizza guiltlessly; you might not be able to for much longer.