Guide to Running

The Smart Person’s Guide to Running

Have you ever heard anybody tell you how great running is? Whether it’s the high that they get after they finish of the feeling of achievement when they see their results, runners are always so proud of their running abilities. The reason for this is because running is a great sport which everybody can enjoy.

Guide to Running

Running, however, often gets a bad name from people who go from doing zero exercise to trying to run around their block until they can’t stand anymore. Of course, these people give up after the pain and only complain into the future.

If you are interested in getting into running, don’t listen to the complainers, listen to this article.

1- What’s the Rush?

Unless you’re running from a burning building or avoiding a stampede of elephants, take it slow! Even if your first foray into running is a slight jog around your local football field one time – congratulations! Pushing yourself with running when you first start because you think it’s going to be easy is the biggest mistake you can make.

2- Wear the Right Shoes

If you are running or walking in shoes so old that you can’t remember when you bought them, then open a new tab and visit the Groupon Coupons store for Nine West. Making sure you are wearing the right shoes for the task not only helps to improve your performance but also reduces your risk of injury.

3- Keep Your Fluids Up

If you can feel sweat beading from off your face, then you are already starting to dehydrate. As you run, take small sips of water along the way in preparation for the exertion your body is about to endure. This not only helps to keep you from feeling like you’re a wet mess but is crucial for your health and performance.

4- All the Way up – All the Way Down

Stretching your entire body before and after each run is crucial for minimizing pain the next day, along with reducing the buildup of lactic acid. Just a simple five minute stretch of your legs and joints is sufficient to keep you going the next day.

5- Same Time, Same Channel

Just like any exercise, once it becomes a habit, it becomes enjoyable. Do your best to stick to a running schedule where you get your exercise at the same time each day throughout the week. A routine helps your body to subconsciously prepare itself for the event, meaning that your mind and body are ready to go as soon as you get to the park and start to stretch.

6- Not the Same Place

While you should keep the same time for your exercise, don’t feel that you have to stick with running around a football field each time. Look for local running groups you can join and run while you explore new places and meet new people. Alternatively, runs through parks and forests can be great for adventure and fitness.

Running has many great benefits for your health and fitness, but the thought of undertaking the task is often discarded for unfair reasons. If you’re interested in running, keep this tips in your mind, forget about the naysayers, and get out there and run!