The Best 5 Teas To Eliminate Belly Fat

As if tea wasn’t magical enough, some kinds can even help you shed a bit of extra fat around your waistline. Find out which ones they are!

These Teas Help You Fight Belly Fat

Drinking tea can be more useful than we realize in helping us achieve our weight loss goals. First, it ensures that we’re drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated, allowing our digestive system to function and keeping our cells replenished. It also fills up our stomach to help us feel full and avoid those “hunger” symptoms that we often are actually confusing with thirst.

But did you know that some teas can also help accelerate our body’s fat burning capabilities?

1. Green Tea

Green tea is the most classic go-to if you’re on a diet. The reason behind this is because this tea is filled with a high amount of natural antioxidants, known as catechins, which can help stimulate your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat.

2. Oolong Tea

This traditional Chinese tea, with its recognizable fruity and fragrant aroma, can also improve our metabolic functions and help us shed fat.

3. Black Tea

Black tea contains a substantial amount of flavonoids, plant compounds full of many antioxidant properties that also help boost us burn fat.

4. Pu’er Tea

Never heard of this variety of tea? Then now is the time, because this earthy, fermented Chinese tea offers very similar benefits to its more conventional comparison, black tea.

5. Ginger Tea

When you brew up a fresh ginger tea, you can benefit from the metabolism boost that ginger gives your body, accelerating your fat burning processes. However, ginger can do even more than just that: various studies have shown that it can curb your appetite and help your body regenerate cells and muscles more quickly after exercising. This miracle ingredient can also work against inflammation. If you add a bit of lemon juice to your cuppa too, you can benefit from a healthy boost of vitamin C and a fortified immune system.