Breast Cancer

Grateful Owner Says Her Rescue Cat Detected Her Breast Cancer Early, Hopefully Saving Her Life

A Oregon woman is crediting her cat with detecting her breast cancer early. Michelle Pearson told KXAN that her black-and-white rescue feline Mia could seemingly sense something wasn’t right.

“All of a sudden out of nowhere she just got up on my chest and she sniffed that breast and then looked in my face, sniffed the spot again and looked in my face and I tried to shove her off and she came back up and just laid down on that right breast, and she looked at me like ‘I’m trying to tell you something,’ ” Pearson said.

Pearson listened to Mia and asked her husband Will to feel the area that the feline kept sniffing. Will felt a lump right where the cat directed Pearson’s attention.

The couple quickly made an appointment with a doctor, who, after some tests, confirmed that Pearson has Stage-2 breast cancer.

Pearson is now undergoing treatment and is optimistic about her future thanks to Mia’s early detection.

Already slightly spoiled before Pearson’s diagnosis, Mia now gets whatever she wants, according to her grateful owner.